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Friday, October 1, 2010

Rabbits, Rabbits, White Rabbits

An old boarding school roommate used to say "Rabbits, rabbits, white rabbits" on the first day of every month and it stuck. I googled it once, but can't remember where that comes from. oh well.

Can't believe we're in October already. Will be Christmas before we know it and I must admit there's a sense of relief that I won't be having to do the get a tree, decorate and have a huge Christmas brunch get together this year. I'll be homeless. well perhaps not and not really. Worst case I'll be back here at my parents' house. Best case I'll be moving into the new house. In any event, I am NOT doing Christmas brunch.

Talked to Dr Diggiss about the backache and he's not sure what it is, but prescribed some kiddie liquid ibuprofen and calpol and said if it gets worse to come see him Monday morning. The meds are definitely helping so hopefully the ache will be nothing more than a distant memory by Monday.

Last night ventured to my fave sushi place with my folks. It was a friend of theirs bday and they were treating him and his wife and I just really felt the need to get out and about. I had the broth from the udon noodle soup. Had a few well chewed pieces of the noodles, too, even though I'm not supposed to! It wasn't all that tasty, but I didn't feel deprived while all around me were eating one of my favourite foods.

Today I had a protein shake. Well most of it. This one is two scoops with 12 ounces water and that was just too much to drink. I've also had some more pureed baked beans and a bit of my fave Bird's custard. Starting to feel hungry. At least I think it's hunger and not just a desire to eat and feel full. Tonight I'm going to run some homemade chicken soup my mom has through the blender and see how that goes.

Definitely looking forward to Wednesday when I can have runny scrambled eggs, tuna and grits and other soft foods.

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