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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Fill tomorrow

and i'm good n ready. A bit nervous... skeered it will hurt more than i'm anticipating, but i know my surgeon numbs the area.

my weight held steady over the weekend away and although i really thought that by now i'd be getting closer to onederland, i'm still not fretting. You know why?
Thursday night a friend and I did sushi (i had 5 pieces)
Friday night other friends and i did chinese takeout (i ordered the delicious whole hog snapper in ginger and scallions.... no rice... no eggroll.
Saturday was the international festival and as i mentioned in my last post, i did well
Sunday through Tuesday night I was travelling to, in or coming home from Austin. I made really good choices and kept my portions small.
Usually i'd never have such a long run of not being entirely in control of my food (by that i mean cooking and prepping every meal) without packing on 8-10lbs. easy. so no, i haven't lost, but i didn't gain and that makes me smile.

it's going to be interesting post fill to see if the band will kick into action. i've been keeping my portion sizes really at about 1/2 cup of food and am not starving by any means, but i'm very much aware that i could cram much more food into my mouth if i allowed myself to.

have been really really really making a concerted effort to chew, chew, chew.... eat slowly.... and stop drinking when i start eating..... but i'm still shoveling it in and swallowing big bits from time to time. i can see already that i'm going to end up having the mother of a pb story to share with you guys once my band is tightened.

am sure there's more to post, but this has gone on long enough.

Btw cuvycat - i LOVED what i did get to see of austin. we were stuck out at the barton creek resort for the conference which is miles away from anything, but a group of us ventured downtown monday night and had a blast!


Silverhairedgoddess said...

Hope it goes well tomorrow ! You also must be very excited .. I know I would be :)

Going to see Dr. D on November 4th... was suppose to be Nov. 1st but he is travelling. I am hoping he will be pleased with my progress - as of today lost 13 1/4 pounds.

Oh I started a blog
Can you go see it and give me hints on how to show which blogs I am following.

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.


Linda said...

Good luck - it's usually pretty easy.

Island Bandit said...

thanks ladies!

Bonnie said...

I was really worried before my first fill and it was no big deal at all. Didn't feel a thing.