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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Not sweating the scale

I saw 205 this morning, but not sure it was a real weight. Kind of surprised that given how little i'm eating, my weight continues to bounce around the same point on the scale. But I'm truly not concerned...... which fascinates me... i've been such a scale whore my entire life that i'd normally be fretting.
This time is different for a few reasons.
1. all of a sudden people are noticing that i'm getting smaller and smaller.
2. all of a sudden, jeans that fit well a week ago are baggy and on their way to the give away pile.
3. i have a band and i'm getting a fill.

a friend of mine has rightly pointed out over the years that i would do well on diets until i went away. it's as if getting on a plane gave me license to go stupid with food. that usually began my total backslide. every. single. time.

i travel for a work conference sunday morning and i'm not worried about repeating history. why?
see #3 above. I just can't eat much even though i've not had a fill and i'm not that hungry... so i believe i'll be ok.

my first fill is scheduled for next week thursday. i understand from chats at our support group meeting that Dr D usually tries 5cc's in our 10cc band to start with.... gonna be interesting.

it's been a long, emotionally exhausting day. the board at my old company has been calling in people one at a time to let them know they're terminated. lots of people i really liked just got the shaft. seems so unfair.

*update.... i typed this post FRIDAY... must have gotten dragged away from the computer and just saw that i never published it!


Linda said...

You have a really good attitude right now about your weight & food.
Hope you have a good trip.

Fluffy said...

I wish that I was closer to Austin! I would have loved to have met you in person...was actually pretty shocked when I saw your comment and that you were headed here! I hope your conference goes well.

I nicknamed what I think you are experiencing "shifting". I would also hit spots where my weight was the same, but my clothes were getting loose/baggy. Personally, I'll take smaller clothes any day!

Keep up the great work. I think your attention to portion size is really working to you benefit...I'm a bit scared for you for such a big fill! But guessing you will be back home for that, and not traveling, to address as needed.

Safe travels!

Sam said...

I get into that same feeling about the scale :-) I think it is because we have a better understanding with the band. It will go down :-D

Have a great trip!!

Justawallflower said...

At this point you are already on the plane, so I hope your trip is going smoothly! I am so sorry to hear about your friends getting the shaft! I hope all goes well for you! Good luck with your fill, and I so happy that you have the confidence to know that THIS time, travel will not un-do everything you have worked so hard for.