How I'm Doing So Far

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Powerwalks and Bravery

Got up this morning determined to put on my walking shoes and head out into the world. I did a half hour stroll around the neighbourhood at a pretty decent clip. Felt good to be up and about.
Ever since the incessant burping stopped on Tuesday, I've had incessant backache. It's weird in that it's mid to upper back, but It doesn't feel like it's muscular. It's just a constant dull ache. It got bad last night and kept waking me up. At least I can now lie on my tummy, so that can provide a bit of relief. I called the surgeon's office to see if he knows what's up and more importantly, can do something about it. I wonder if it's a)trapped gas or b)pain caused by a core that's weak after being sliced and diced a week ago. I'm to call back in about an hour when he's scheduled to be in office so hopefully I'll get some resolve because this is not fun.
I also went out to buy a new ceiling fan today. funny that i suffer all summer with a dead one and am now replacing it only because i have a buyer! Guess that goes along with cleaning my house before the housekeeper comes. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this.
In my title I mentioned 'bravery.' It's been interesting that a few people who've sent me notes wishing me well with my recovery have called me 'brave' for having the lap band surgery. i found that outlook interesting because bravery never really factored into it for me. i guess having lived with this obesity disease all my live i saw the surgery as essential.
the other thing that's come up since people found out i either was having or had the surgery is how many of them never saw me as 'big enough to need surgery.' at 5'5" 262.5lbs size 20 i was well and truly a candidate, but funny that they didn't see me as obese.


Jenny said...

I got that comment a lot "Oh, you're not THAT big" for surgery-I wasn't sure if it was a compliment or not. I'm so thankful that I was able to have the surgery although I was borderline.

I hope your back starts to feel better soon!

Christine said...

I got that comment a lot too. I want to ask them, "Did you ever look at me? I mean, REALLY look at me?" Those comments just make me confused.

Feel better soon!

Fluffy said...

I'll be interested to hear what your doc says it is. On the cleaning, right there with you. Hired a cleaning company to clean my house before I moved out after it sold. YEP, did a cleaning myself FIRST! I have always kinda wondered if people that say that (assuming they are friends - more than acquaintances) just really do not see you that way? My few friends that do know about the band seriously had NO idea whatsoever that I had as much weight to lose as I did. I'll be honest, I have a friend that I didn't realize that she's as big as she is either until I saw us in a picture. Weird.
Take care,

TheCurvyCat said...

I got a lot of those comments too, especially as I (like you) lost weight in the pre-surgery period. Heck, even the nurse who heads the bariatric area of the hospital had me second-guessing myself! :|

And, I guess people who see us frequently often don't have an accurate perception of us or something, as people were regularly shocked that I was about 270 when I started the whole process. heh

I had that back pain too for a while. It was overshadowed a lot at the time by the shoulder gas pain, but it was still there. I also now feel it across my mid/upper back when I'm stuck or about to be stuck.

It's not as bad now as it was in the beginning, and I'm betting eventually it will be a "soft stop" signal for me to know when I'm done eating before I get stuck.

Hopefully yours will get better too, and soon!!