How I'm Doing So Far

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thoughts on the liquid diet and brazillians

So this is day three and I'm actually enjoying this. Call me crazy, but I think having the Omega juicer and the vitamix blender is really and truly helping me along.

that and the fact that since starting it friday morning i've lost close to 6 more lbs! I'd been hovering around 227 on my scale (which i think is about 3 pounds lighter than my nutritionist's scale) for a couple of weeks. This morning i saw 221.6 on the scale! At this rate i should be well into the 2-teens by the time i hit surgery!

that means i've lost more than 40lbs since starting the pre-surgery programme nearly 13 weeks ago. That's 3.14lbs a week average. Stoked!!! How amazing if I can knock off another 10lbs before surgery in a week and a half and that would mean I managed to lose half of my goal weight loss without the aid of the band.

This morning I juiced cucumber, lime and frozen strawberries and whipped them up into a smoothie with low fat vanilla yogurt. got a good amount of protein in the yogurt so didn't mix in protein powder.

at noon am headed out in the boat for what will likely be my last time at Rose Island this year so just juiced some tangelos, an orange, some ginger and lime and put it in a flask. will take a scoop of protein powder to shake in when it's time to eat. also taking along a few coconut waters to get me by.

Soooo.... a few of you have asked me to report in on yesterday's brazillian bikini wax. Let's just say it wasn't as humiliating as i'd anticipated. my technician was extremely professional. she was also really good. it took a while because she explained she prefers to use smaller strips in order to minimise pain. it was also a LOT less painful than i'd anticipated. the left side really didn't hurt at all.... the right side, for some odd reason, was more sensitive and it smarted a bit more, but still not something i'd rank highly (if at all) on the list of most painful experiences.

That said, not sure it's a look i'd go for just for shits and giggles.



Drazil said...

Wow - congrats on the loss. You are doing great! And funny about the wax...some day I gotta try that.

-Grace- said...

You are totally kicking butt! I would be shocked if you didn't get into the 2-teens by your surgery date.
The juicer and blender definitely sound helpful! Worth the investment!

I think I need to bite the bullet and give waxing a try.