How I'm Doing So Far

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It finally feels real

Up until now I've not really gotten into the whole band thing. I've been following my nutrition programme and working out like a demon and losing weight, but until I got that call from the surgeon Thursday night I wasn't really on the 'bandwagon'.

Well all that has changed.

Even though the nutritionist said we could start liquids after I see her Monday evening, I decided to start them yesterday (how's THAT for motivation!) because I'd rather have the weekend to get used to it since I travel Tuesday.

I picked up my huge tubs of Raw Protein and Raw Meal both by Garden of Life and started liquids only yesterday.

REALLY, REALLY, REALLY glad I got that super duper juicer and the vitamix blender now! So far I've been juicing oranges and tangelos, apples, had coconut water and made broth with an Oxo cube. So far so good, but it's only been a day and a meal. I am sure tomorrow I'm going to be a raging biatch!!

But I think the fight I went through last week just to be able to have this surgery has numbed any urge to complain about the prep process.

Am having a Brazillian (probably not EVERYWHERE) today as part of my surgery prep. Would rather have my bits waxed by a professional than shaved with a pink plastic bic razor at the hospital!! This is going to be interesting as I've never done anything more than bikini line waxing before.


-Grace- said...

I think starting early was a great choice! The first couple days are the hardest and you don't want to deal with that while traveling.

Let us know how the wax goes...I've been thinking about getting one, but am not sure what to expect.

Cindylew said...

Good luck on pre-op diet doll.

Jocelyn's Journey said...

wow that's awesome! I must have missed the one saying your surgery was approved..that's great! You sound so very motivated..I am jealous and inspired! Looking forward to hearing how you do on liquids..b..or not? hugs!