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Monday, September 13, 2010

I hate packing

I hate packing even more when all of a sudden, nothing in my closet seems to fit! I'm headed to Atlanta tomorrow for a workshop and ended up spending way more time than i'd anticipated sorting out clothes to take because i've clearly gone down a pant size!

Don't get me wrong.... i am NOT complaining about this situation at ALL!!!!! It was amusing last night to see how some of those pants just don't cut it anymore and then had to dig around to try on the next size. So I've officially gone from bustin' out of my 20's into a 16.

The pants I'm wearing today I think are on their last wear. They're an 18, but have some stretch to them so while they start out ok in the morning, by mid day, they are baggy.

good things. but i still have to pack tonight! ugh!!!!

another thing struck me today..... i am a scale whore. every day, sometimes many times a day, i hop on that scale to see what it's going to tell me. this works for me, so not looking for any well intentioned advice against my habit. i mention it only to say that i found myself this morning wondering if the hotel fitness centre (which looks quite nice) has a scale. if not, i'm going to be clueless as to my weight for 5 days! if there is no scale i guess the only solace is i'm on a liquid diet so it really can only go down from here so i'll have a nice BIG surprise when i get home.

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