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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The hotel gym

was the happenin' place this evening. Despite having walked a lot today with my travels and then a jaunt around the mall next to the hotel, I made good on my promise to my trainer and hit the hotel fitness centre. I didn't get there until about 8:30 and was shocked that just after I hopped on a treadmill, the place filled up. There had to be at least 10-12 people in the gym and another 5-6 in the indoor pool.

I got myself one of the cute new little ipod nanos today and took that with me to keep me entertained, but was thrilled to discover the cardio machines were all equipped with televisions.

i also got a new pair of tennis when i hit the mall. desperately needed some and these are really comfy. thinking before I leave on Saturday I might break down and invest in a pair of running shoes too..... may be getting ahead of myself, but i really do wanna do a 5k at some point.

before i hit the mall, i got a cab to the nearest wholefoods. I had pre requested a refrigerator in my hotel room and was pleasantly surprised that instead of just shoving a fridge in  little room, they upped me to a big room with a fridge, kitchen sink and microwave. Yipppppeeeeeee!!!!!!! membership does have its privileges.

So at wholefoods I stocked up on two soups, a couple varieties of beans from their hot food bar, some vanilla and some honey ciobani greek yogurts, two containers of fresh, sliced, organic mixed berries and then i hit the juice bar! The one i've been to in florida doesn't have one of these wonderful features. i got 16oz of two of the daily specials -- all sorts of yummy fresh fruits already mixed and i also got a 1oz shot of wheatgrass.

I brought my magic bullet with me so was able to completely blend the soup. yum.

i feel quite proud of myself for sticking with the plan.

and now i'm beat so it's off to bed

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Christine said...

Great job staying on the plan!!!