How I'm Doing So Far

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alive and well

I'll blog the full experience tomorrow, but just wanted post quickly to let you know i'm alive. i'm well. and i'm banded!

got home around 3:30 this afternoon and have slept on and off most of the time. no pain to speak of other than a throbbing in my middle back. no idea what that's caused by. have had a heating pad on for a while to try and ease that.... it's kind of like the backache you get with period cramps, but not as low down.

i've had next to no liquids today..... even a sip makes me feel nauseous. was just walking slowly around the house with my dbf when a serious wave of nausea hit... so i'm back in bed and doing all i can to prevent throwing up.

hoping tomorrow i'll be able go drink my clear liquids and move around a bit more. so far none of that shoulder tip pain i'd been dreading, but perhaps that's what's causing the back pain. and i'm burping pretty well.

thanks all for the well wishes and for keeping me in your prayers today. the love is being felt for sure!



Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Glad you are home and banded! I feel for you with the nausea. I felt like that for several days. I just don't do well with pain meds. Take care and take it slow.

Anonymous said...

just now catching up on your progress..great news! I hope you are doing as well in your other posts..just now reading..take care!!!