How I'm Doing So Far

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring

Tropical Depression #16 is making its way towards us. The system only formed yesterday morning so its unusual to have this weather without days of anticipation and worry. It's POURING out and the winds are definitely gusting. Guess my friend who also had a surgical procedure last week and I won't be headed to the mid-day movies after all. :(

I forgot to mention the other day that when I met with Dr Diggiss we set the date for my first fill. October 21st. Should be interesting!!!

Today was the day i could move on to full liquids and pureed foods. Of course this morning I woke up and really had to think about what I wanted for breakfast because I really wasn't hungry. Anyway, i decided to play it safe and had 1/4 cup of low fat vanilla yogurt. It was very yum and although i probably could have had easily twice as much of it, I don't feel hungry. I think for lunch I may puree down my fave vegetarian baked beans and see how that goes. I also have a smorgasbord of homemade soups to choose from so no worries about me starving.

Hopped on the scale this morning (as I always do) and down to 207.8. Holy smokes I'm getting close to Onderland. It's crazy to think that when I first met with Sam the patient advocate for the lapband programme, I couldn't even envision being 230 at that point. I still have to remind myself that although it seems like forever because I've been so committed and learned so much, I only started this process on June 12. holy smokes!

Oh.... some good non-band related news. i got a firm offer on my condo yesterday. Thank JESUS. It's been on the market since early January and other than one ridiculously insulting low ball offer just after it was listed.... nothing..... I'm building a house that will be ready by the end of the year/early January for me to move into and I really didn't want to be carrying both. I had someone else already scheduled to come look at it yesterday afternoon so told them that i have an offer and will need a decision because i need to respond to the potential buyer. will call the second people today to see if they want it, if not, i'm accepting. it's about $10k lower than appraised, but in this market that's pretty good!!!!

So looks like next week while I'm still off work but should have lots more energy I'll be starting the sorting and packing process. They want to close within 45 days. Looks like I could be moving back here to my old bedroom at my parents' house for a month or so if all goes well.

Ok.... off to do some editing work


Jacquie said...

I just found your blog and look forward to following you on your journey! Are you in Florida also?

Bonnie said...

We've got major rain heading our way tomorrow. Yuck! Congrats on selling your condo.

Debi said...

Wow! You have the major rain, and we have record highs for this time of year of 102 degrees!!

I'm sorry that I missed your post letting us know your Surgery was over and you were ok!

Welcome to the Sisterhood/Brotherhood of the Bandster's!!!!

Fluffy said...

I hope you are making it through the storm OK! CONGRATULATIONS on the sale of your condo. I'm sure that's a relief. On the band, you're doing awesome! Good for you on listening to your body and while you "can" eat more you are stopping cause you just aren't hungry.

Ginger aka Gidget said...

WOW! You are doing SO well so quickly! Making me feel behind. LOL! You go girlie!

I also agree about the stopping when you're eating, etc. It's sometimes hard to decipher what the head wants versus the stomach. You're doing awesome!