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Sunday, September 5, 2010

I need your advice please

Here's the deal. Surgery is scheduled for September 22, but I still don't know if insurance company is going to cough up. I'm HOPING my case was submitted by the surgeon's office this past Friday when they finally got the nutritionist's report.... tomorrow I'll call to confirm.

I'm a bit make that very annoyed that the submission to the insurance company is so late. I feel like I've done my part and jumped through all the hoops, the least I should expect is that all my docs should have done their part. And I'm annoyed that the surgeon's office wasn't on the phone badgering the hell out of them all especially when I called a week ahead of my surgeon's appt to advise that due to work travel I had a very small window of opportunity to have this surgery otherwise we'd probably be looking at scheduling it for next year!?!?!

Anywaze..... now that I've gotten that off my chest..... here's my dilemma that I'm hoping you can all weigh in on (pun intended).

If surgery is indeed going ahead on September 22, I need to start my mandatory 2 week liquids-only diet on Wednesday coming. I told my nutritionist on Thursday that there was no way in HELL I was putting myself through that ordeal if I didn't have confirmation from the insurance company first.

She said she thought i could and should do it and felt that regardless of the insurance company and surgery, I'd be thrilled with the results..... I think I was just seething about the fact that because they all slacked off, I was in this predicament in the first place and said hell no! Especially since I'll be travelling for work from the 14-18th while doing the liquid diet.

A couple days later, i'm wondering if I should just bite the bullet and go ahead with it just in case regardless of whether we have the go ahead from the insurance company before Wednesday. If they come back and decline me, I can always stop the stupid liquid diet before I go away the following Tuesday.

Those of you who've done liquids only (and unless I'm mistaken, my doc means this will be 2 weeks of clear liquids (essentially a fast).... what would you do if you were in my position??????

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