How I'm Doing So Far

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i was dealing with a moron

so here's the deal. i was denied because

a) I have only been working with the nutritionist and trainer for a three months and this insurance company has decided they require a year


b) because i am not morbidly obese because i've been working with the nutritionist and trainer for 3 months and 'am doing so well.'

What the HELL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I felt like i was losing my mind in the that conversation.

Told the doctor from the insurance company who called me that their policy is insane and that it's CRIMINAL to require me to participate in a programme for an entire year that they don't cover.

I asked if anyone who had just made this decision that will impact MY life has ever been diagnosed as morbidly obese..... she said no, but i don't think that has any bearing.... i said of course it does because

a) none of you can truly empathise with my situation


b) this is fat prejudice at its very worst!

arghhhhhhhh...... my boss is still going to make the call, but i somehow doubt they're going to change their minds.

but that's ok..... since i can't afford to spend nearly $500 a month for a year to only be told no, you've lost way too much weight to need this surgery, then maybe i'll just walk away from it all, pack on a hundred pounds instead of losing it, develop diabetes, heart disease or blood pressure (or how about all three) and then see if they'll approve me because i'm finally sick enough in their books.

i just want to stab someone at that insurance company in the eye with my car key right about now.


Bonnie said...

I'm sorry that you have to go through this. Sorry I don't remember from previous posts - did you have to go through any testing - ie, upper gi, sleep test, blood work, etc? The reason I ask is that my insurance company will approve surgery if person has BMI over 40 with no comorbidities, but will approve for person with SMI of 35 if they have comorbidities. Your insurance company should have written guidelines that they can give you as to the criteria that needs to be met in order to get approved. To say this sucks is an understatement for sure.

Linda said...

So sorry sweetie! The insurance rules are so stupid - they should do everything they to get people to get healthy and lose weight. I really hope you can work something out.
We're here for you.

Fluffy said...

I have read of similar craziness. Hopefully someone will be able to provide you with some ideas or insight. What you are experiencing is exactly why I decided to just self pay and it was an option for me. I do hope it works out! (I don't blame you about wanting to stab them in the eye!)

Cindylew said...

So sorry...many of us forget what it was like while we were waiting for that approval from the insurance company. All I was reading back then was how most required a 6 month formal weight loss program and your policy seems to be even worse.
I don't have the words to comfort you as no one would have been able to console me had I not received my approval.
I will keep hoping your boss can do something.

-Grace- said...

That is the most asinine thing I have ever heard. Kudos to you for calling them out, though. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. Please keep us posted.

Love you, hun.

Pie said...

Oh my god, I think my blood pressure just rose for you!!! This is insanity!! If it makes you feel any better, I know a few people at my surgeon's office that had a very similar unexpected road block and they were eventually able to get it cleared up. It sucks and it takes a tremendous amount of patience (that the insurance people don't deserve) but it's definitely not the end. You'll get there soon.

Christine said...

Appeal appeal appeal!

Jenny said...

Don't give up. A lot of people have been denied and have gotten surgery through the appeals process.

Now with that said, I'm so sorry. This situation suck ginormous donkey balls. :( Don't give up.