How I'm Doing So Far

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day Five Post Op

Can't believe I haven't been on here since Friday. All's going well, but have been more or less chilling and checking emails on my bberry and haven't bothered powering up the laptop until tonight. it's been kind of refreshing not to be tethered to it for a few days actually.

ok. so here goes with recovery update.

today the gas FINALLY subsided. Good LORD that was pretty awful. No shoulder tip pain, but I swear I burped non-stop from the time I was in the recovery room. Today it's been really quite bearable though there is still a bit of gas still in me.

in large part due to that, today i've gotten in far more liquids than i have any other day. Thursday or Friday night I was developing a helluva headache and I know it was from being dehydrated. My diet so far has consisted of popsicles (for some reason they were going down easier than sipping liquids was in the early days), chicken broth, the broth from wonton soup my parents had, apple/grape/lemon/ginger juice i made myself, coconut water and water. Not very inspiring, but i'm amazed that 5 days out i'm still not in the least bit hungry and having to remind myself to drink. i know that will change soon, but enjoying it for the time being.

Gross out alert - Had first bowel movements today. Absolute liquid, but at least things are starting to move along.

Had my first doctor's visit with Dr Diggiss this morning and he removed the bandaging so i can finally see my incisions. He was pleased with my healing and progress and Wednesday i've been given the go ahead to move on to both full liquids and pureed foods. that will be good as i'll be able to start getting my protein in.

i was shocked at how exhausted my little outing to the doctor's office made me. i came home, said i was going to take a nap, and woke up 3 hours later! Hoping that doesn't prevent me from sleeping well tonight.

thinking maybe wednesday night i may move back to my place. it's nice being at mom and dad's though.... i think i may go stir crazy being on my own at home for almost 2 weeks.

with the bandages off i was able to have my first shower today. Bliss. Though my friend michelle who's also my hairdresser did come over yesterday to wash my hair in the kitchen sink. i have super oily hair and skin so 5 days of no shampoo was awful. i was prescribed an antibiotic liquid soap and an antibiotic ointment that i need to use for the next 10 days.

oh... and since surgery i've lost 6lbs taking me to 210. that's down 52.5 since starting the process in mid-June. Wow.... just realised that I've officially lost more than half the weight to get to my initial goal of 160. amazing.

will take tummy pic tomorrow to post. promise


Fluffy said...

Glad to hear you are doing well! I seem to recall what you've described about lack of energy as well, but that once I was able to drink some protein shakes (I used one that also had some carbs in it) that I really started to feel better. Wow, you are getting so close to onederland! Congrats!

amandakiska said...

Glad to hear you're doing so well!

Island Bandit said...

thanks ladies :)

Justawallflower said...

I can't believe you just has surgery and are already half way to your final goal weight! that is so wonderful! also happy that you are finally getting over the gas pain. :D

Bonnie said...

You are doing so well. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Canadian Bird said...

Congrats, Jessica, & welcome to bandster hell! :)
The gas pains, for me, were the worst for 2 whole weeks!!! And the Gas-X strips made it even worse b/c then I not only couldn't burp, but I also couldn't pass gas (sorry, TMI). AGONY!!!
Once that was done, I was all good though.
Amazing that you're already >50% there & you've just been banded. I'm barely 40# in... hoping to do better!
Robin at Band on the Run