How I'm Doing So Far

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baggy Pants and other random nsv's

When I went to my nutritionist yesterday I wore the same pair of cute capris I'd worn 2 weeks earlier. There was definitely a bit more room when I put them on, but all was good. well they have some stretch to them and by mid afternoon i was constantly hiking them up! Managed to get just two wears out of them.

we have killer stairs at the radio station i work for. down 10 stairs, walk across the lobby, up 15 stairs, bank a corner and up about 30 more (no idea the exact numbers but i'll try to remember to count them tomorrow). well usually when i get upstairs, i am absolutely completely out of breath..... for a while. well today my boss and i walked inside at the same time and carried on a conversation all the way up to the office area and i wasn't breathless! yay!

yesterday my foot finally felt strong enough to go walking so a good friend and i went for a 40 minute power walk. it was the first time in a loooooooooong time of our sporadic walking attempts that i haven't had severe cramping in my calves or along the sides of my lower legs. we went again today and it felt wonderful.

i haven't had a coke zero in more than 2 weeks. i used to drink six a day easy. my car was littered with empty cans and bottles. now my car is littered with empty water bottles!

i'm not horrified when someone posts a pic of me and my fat on facebook now because i know those are just ammo for my future 'as i was' album. and that's important to have.

ok. i think that's far more than enough for now :)


Cindylew said...

Way to go on the Coke Zero...cold turkey. My vise was diet pepsi...haven't had one in two months.
Keep up the good work.

Island Bandit said...

thanks Cindylew - that was one of my biggest concerns... being able to give up that demon. but it's been surprisingly easy. i even discovered a 6 pack the other day when my bf was over and have had 3 in the fridge for a week and i'm not even interested. score one for me! and for you too!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just found you, so, yes, I'm reading old posts. Just wanted to say that I identify with you not shuddering at "fat pics" on Facebook anymore...I just had that realization myself! I like the "before" and "during" (I'm 6 months post-op) because they only remind me of how far I've come!