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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Running the numbers

262.5 42.
Friday was the first time in my life that I was happy to hear those numbers because it means I am potentially eligible for the lab band surgery. It was a bittersweet moment to hear those figures because on the other hand I'm mortified that I let things get to this!! I remember being 213 around my 30th birthday and that was mortifying. Ugh. Well I guess this is exactly why I'm exploring WLS. I clearly can't seem to get it under control on my own, and based on what i've read in the past few days, it sounds like a tool that will help me regain control and more importantly, keep it.
Funny thing. I haven't decided if I'm going to tell everyone I'm doing this (assuming I'm approved for surgery). My parents know since they're the ones (well Dad, really) who first suggested i look into it. I told my dbf - more on his reaction later. And the only friends I've told are two very dear and trusted friends who happen to be nurses. I know they'll offer invaluable insight and be good supports as i venture along. One is quite familiar with the programme that's been developed here and I actually called her on the recommendation of the other friend.... I was somewhat amused that her immediate reaction was that I can't possibly qualify for the surgery - you have to be at least 250 and have at least 40bmi... well as you can see above, I am well within the required limits. She said 'I hide it well' but I don't think I do.

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Catherine55 said...

Congratulations! Thanks for your nice note on my blog. :) On the privacy front, it's such a small island, and I'm wondering how hard it would be to keep being banded confidential. Maybe keep it quiet at first, and tell people only after you're through Bandster Hell and have begun losing in earnest. Looking forward to reading more -- and, welcome! :)