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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Poop. Double Poop

What blog would be complete without a mention of bowel movements. I've read far too many bowel movement stories to be apologising here :)

I've never been a poop a day kinda girl, but since I've started following my lower carb and sugar eating plan, i've noticed i'm down to about once every 3-4 days. I'm peeing like a race horse. One cup in, one cup out. But #2 eludes me.

Is there a 'normal' when it comes to #2 or is it just determining what's 'normal' for me?

The double poop part of this post title refers to the fact that i'm having to now pick lighting for the two houses we're building.... again..... lighting has to be one of the hardest things to select because there are just too many choices! I already tortured myself through the process once, and got notice tonight that the company i'm ordering everything through no longer deals with the manufacturer i'd selected.

what irritates me beyond measure is that prior to spending HOURS picking out lights, I emailed the company to confirm that they still dealt with this manufacturer because i didn't see them listed on the website. I was told yup. This email correspondence took place a month after they dropped the manufacturer. so because someone didn't want to bother checking even though i threw up a red flag, here i am picking another freaking manufacturer and selecting lighting once again. two houses means 6 bathroom vanity lights, god knows how many outdoor lights, 4 chandaliers, sconces, flushmounts...... argh!

Times like this I rue the day i decided to eat healthy and give up beer!!!!

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