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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear God...

Ok... here's where I admit that I'm a scale slave. Funny.... when i'm doing what i should be doing -- eating well, drinking 10 gallons of water a day, exercising (well not right now because of foot) -- i can't stay off that scale of mine. Every morning after I pee for sure, and sometimes during the day.

Now before you judge or criticise, it's good for me to get on that scale often. if i don't then one slip up leads to 2lbs back on, i don't realise.... another slip up, next thing you know, i'm 262.5lbs again.

so now i have that off my chest, let me say that i had a really good poo today and i'm hoping, praying actually

Dear God,

please let that scale say 24-anything tomorrow morning when i wake up.


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-Grace- said...

I, personally, weigh every morning. Seeing an overall downward trend makes the fluctuations less upsetting.