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Sunday, June 13, 2010

To band or not to band....

This whole lapband option was not even on my radar until a few nights ago when my Dad mentioned he'd been talking about my weight (not sure how I feel about that...) with a Doctor he knows well. Turns out this doc does the lapband surgery and so Dad suggested I look into it.
The next day I'm forwarded an email that includes the name and number of the local lapband programme's patient advocate. Friday morning, after starting my obsessive compulsive online research, I gave her a call and a few hours later was in her office.
Sam is incredible. Not only is she a nurse, but she was the first lapband patient here. She's done soooo... well since her op and was a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.
I was still quite skeptical going into that first meeting, but when I learned that there's a whole programme I'd have to enroll in before being even considered for the surgery, I was sold. First meeting is Monday morning (that's tomorrow!!) with the nutritionist Dr Symonette. I have a number of sessions over the 12 week pre-op programme with her. I will also have a number of sessions (can't remember how many exactly) with a personal trainer... need someone to kick my butt! I will also have at least one session with a clinical psychologist and have a battery of tests (minust the gall bladder scan since I don't have a gall bladder).
I won't find out until about mid-way through the programme whether I'm eligible or if my insurance company will cover it, but I figure there's absolutely nothing wrong with working with a nutritionist, personal trainer and psychologist in any event.

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