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Monday, June 28, 2010

Lucky # 13

Just got back from my follow up meeting with my nutritionist and officially have lost 13lbs in 2 weeks. The trainer who was taking my weight asked me what i'd weighed the last time and when i told her 260, she moved the bar to 250.... when it didn't move she went 'hmmmm'... and rearranged it where it settled at 247.

I am stoked! Dr Patti (nutritionist) gave me a big ole High Five when she saw it. She was also really impressed with my food journal and the decisions i've been making.

next week i go in for my physical fitness test. i also met with the two personal trainers who seem really great and friendly (until they're making me do crunches and lunges....)

Dr Patti and i talked about the whole 'if i can do so well by following her plan do i really need a lapband' concern. she is fully for this particular procedure and assured me that it will be a good thing.

she already warned me that we're going to be gradually cutting back on the amount of food i consume and starting a once a week clear liquids only day in order to best prepare me for post surgery. aye aye aye.

A few things we talked about that i'd like to share in case they help others.

1. on hair loss. Not knowing the particular details of people who've been experiencing this phenomenon, she thinks it's highly unlikely people are losing their hair as a result of surgery trauma and believes it's more likely that they're not getting proper nutrition.

2. i asked if she thought i'd ever be normal.... i want to eat like normal people do. i don't want to be restricting myself entirely when it comes to food choices (unless my band doesn't allow them through). She asked what in particular I was thinking of. i spat out 'ice cream' even though it's not something i eat excessively now. i told her i am quite happy to continue eating the kinds of foods i've been eating these past two weeks because i enjoy the foods and feel good. but i need to know that once in a while i can go ahead and have some ice cream or some pizza or other 'bad' food and not lose the plot. she assured me that so long as i continue to work on my approach to food the way we've started, there's no reason whatsoever that i can't have those things, but i need to take control of them. - indulge in one cookie or one slice of pizza or a small serving of ice cream. and that's what normal people do.

3. i asked what my caloric intake will be once i reach solids post op and she said that will be entirely dependent on my weight and health and fitness at that time.

4. My bowel movements, as i suspected, are completely out of whack. when i told her i'd go roughly once every three days, she said we need to get that to once a day. i told her i've never been a once a day kinda girl. she said 'not yet.' so i came away with more supplements to help regularise my bowels. dear lord i hate taking pills!

Ok. now back to work. today is a good day!!!


Cindylew said...

congrats on the 13're doing great...keep it up girlfriend.

Jenny said...

13lbs is great!