How I'm Doing So Far

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You guys are the BEST!

I am overwhelmed by the thought out, heartfelt, honest responses to this major question about why the Band is necessary.

Thank you for validating my thought process as I go on this journey.

It's funny. my dbf asked me how i'm doing on the eating plan last night. when i told him how much i've lost, he immediately smiled and said 'so you don't need the thing (the band)'. He's 100% supportive of me if i feel this is the best thing for me, but god bless him, he's blind. he's a skinny, fit fella who met me when i was 240ish and didn't notice when i ballooned up to 260ish and thinks i'm 'smokin' as is. wish i could see myself through his eyes just once! 

When i first started telling him about wanting to get the lap band, he listened to my explanations of what it is and what it does and asked if he could come to one of my meetings with one of my docs sometime! Of course last night when i said that i told him all about you guys and how i've been exploring this matter with lots of help!!!!

I also read on this question in this really educational and interesting book . Basically, Dr Sewell considers morbid obesity (i sooooooo... hate that term!) a disease and asks if you'd try to self medicate on something like heart disease. the obvious answer is no and so he asks why you think you can treat this dieases without professional help.

Speaking of professional help, Dr Patti my nutritionist called today out of the blue just to check up and see how I'm doing. I told her about the foot incident and explained that I've gotten clearance to give my walking a try and she reminded me to take it easy.

I also told her that although I'm doing great following the eating programme, my adrenal fatigue is in full force. So she's going to have some additional supplements for me when I have my appt on monday. I'm really thrilled that she actually called me. makes me really confident that she's a great person to have on my team.

Dr Patti also wants me to consider swimming for exercise initially to reduce pressure and stress on joints and all. I swam competitively all through high school and college, but haven't done any in a LOOOOONG time. Went to the local sporting supply store today to see if they have speedo in my size. the largest they have is a bit tight (read a lot tight. like sausage casing tight) for me and a bit too skimpy in the back for my liking right now so I passed. May have to order one on the web which is a pain in the u know what because it means it'll be weeks before i can hope to get it. but i can use my beach suit for simple lap swimming and i bought a swim cap and goggles while in the store. now just have to ask dad if i can use his ya*ch*t cl*ub  access card so i can use their pool in the mornings.


Carmen said...

my brother was initially against me getting surgery but after seeing the good it has done for me he is 100% supportive now!

Pie said...

So so so glad you found some answers that were helpful to you! By far and away, this community has been the best, most helpful part of this whole journey. A close second is Dr. Sewell's book that I also read from cover to cover! He really spells out why it's necessary for some, what to expect, and how to transition from your current life to your new better life!

I too have a skinny, fit boyfriend who loves me regardless of my size and in a way it drives me nuts! If I wasn't so blissfully in love with someone who loved me back unconditionally all these years I probably wouldn't have gained so much weight! (Okay, now that's just a silly problem to have!)

I've written about it on my site but I'm a big fan of Spinning for low impact exercise. It's a hell of a workout and great for the uncoordinated! So if you're not quite ready for the pool, I recommend giving it a shot!

Jenny said...

My husband felt that way too because I was able to follow the liquid phase. But truly since my 1st appointment, 3/9 I've lost almost 35lbs. It NEVER would have happend without the band. I really believe that. I'm not saying the band is for everyone, but for me its one of the best things I've ever done.