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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coke Zero and Other things

First of all, thanks everyone for your support and friendship and advice. I'm doing much better today. Still can't put 100% pressure to walk unaided, but the doc's office thinks if I keep off it today and take the cataflam, I should be able to walk albeit with a limp by tomorrow.

Woke up this morning and cable tv and internet were down and that means no landline for me either. Thank goodness for my Kindle where I've been reading 'Weight loss surgery with the adjustable gastric band' by Robert Sewell. I believe it was Catherine who recommended it and I'm finding it a great read.

A few random things I've realised :

1) I need to get this weight off because I'm sure using crutches would be a lot easier if i weren't 250+

2) My kitchen is a lot farther away from my bedroom than I'd ever realised!

3) I'm now about only about a week into my exploration of lapband surgery and i'm amazed by how much i've learned thanks mostly to the wonderful bloggers who've opened up their lives online to help people like me come to this decision.

4) I'm on day 4 without the Elixir of the Gods - Coke Zero - and don't really miss it! In fact the only thing I've had to drink since I walked out of Dr Patti's office is water and I'm good with that. I mixed in some crystal light last night and wasn't all that impressed.

5) Even without the band, if I'm eating the right foods and being mindful as I eat I DON'T NEED AS MUCH FOOD AS I THOUGHT I DID. I'm finding my small portions are quite satisfying.

6) The local phone company is in existense to drive me absolutely crazy.

7) Crutches taste like A$$. I must keep touching my mouth after I've used them and the taste of the handles is transferred. Ick!

Ok. back to reading

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Jenny said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm following you now.

Sorry about the crutches that totally stinks. I hope you find that the lap band is for your. My experience so far has been great-besides a few struggles but none are band realted.