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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eating out and all that....

It's not been a week since I got my healthy eating plan from my nutrionist Dr Patt, so too early in the game to start patting myself on the back too much. BUT.....

I'm really proud of the way I've adopted the plan she gave me. From reading lots of blogs from those who've gone before, I realise that once I'm banded I can get away with eating some crap and not suffer, but I've decided I want to be HEALTHY and SKINNY. So I'm working on making this the way I eat. Period.

I accept that there will be times that I cave, but I want those times in my life to be the exception rather than the rule. Making them the rule is why I'm even writing this blog, isn't it?!?

I was invited by some friends to go to my fave sushi place last night. Even though white rice isn't on my plan, I figure there's such a small amount that sushi once in a while won't pack on the pounds. But after thinking things through, I decided not to go.

Here's why..... If I went by myself or with just one friend (esp one who's sensitive to what I'm trying to do here and supports my efforts), then I could order a very clean roll and call it a day. But going with a crowd (some of whom I don't know) meant ordering a bunch of things and everyone dig in.... so I'd have less control than I felt comfortable dealing with less than a week into the process, and I'd also end up spending a lot of money for a wee bit of food and water. So I bailed. Not being a hermit, just doing what feels best for me.

Today is the all afternoon, all night beach party. Well I already decided I'd go late afternoon/early evening when it's not quite as hot since I can't escape into the ocean with this bloody air cast on my foot.  But, I called my friend (the birthday boy) to find out if he's got any non- red meat to put on the grill. (my nutritionist doesn't want me eating red meat just now.) Turns out just chicken wings in a sweet marinade. So I asked if I could bring a piece of fish to throw on the grill for me. No problem.

Pleased that I took control and found out what's on tap before I got out there and found myself too tempted with things I shouldn't be eating. I really need to watch the food choices since exercise is off for a while until my foot is better.

Just had some of the cauliflower bisque (see previous post), sauteed chicken tenders and half a baked potato for lunch. When I eat good, healthy food I find myself wondering what it is that allows me to go off track and eat crap!

Went to a farmer's market this morning and got some locally produced infused olive oils - one with chilis and one with basil. Also got a tub of Ragged Island Sea Salt and a bottle of homemade all natural pepper sauce.

Hope you're all having a spectacular weekend!


Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Wow girl, you are livin' the dream! I just nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Check out my blog.

-Grace- said...

Good for you! It really sounds like you are making some great changes that you can maintain for life. It doesn't matter how long you've been doing them or how much longer you have to go: it is still an accomplishment! :)

Jenny said...

I love that you took ownership at the beach party and called ahead! That is awesome!!