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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pity Party

so i've spent the better part of the day in tears. some because i was in excruciating pain, some because i was feeling damned sorry for myself.

Just as I walked into work this morning, I slipped and fell. Hands were full of bags so couldn't break my fall. My right foot was a bit tender initially, but I could walk on it with a slight limp. When I got up to heat up my lunch, I burst into tears it hurt so badly. I couldn't put an ounce of pressure on it and I've got lots of ounces of pressure to put.

No idea why, but I happened to have some extra strength tylenol in my bag so I took two of those and assured all my lovely coworkers who were super concerned that i was sitting there crying that I'd be fine.

After about half an hour of this, I called the doctor who'd treated me 2 years ago when i severely sprained my other ankle. They told me to come in for 2:30 and they'd squeeze me in. These ladies are all so lovely and supportive.

Well turns out I severely sprained the tendons along the outside of my foot. Left the office with an aircast - they tried the 'terminator boot' but I couldn't put any pressure on my foot with it on either -- and crutches. First time in my life I've had them and it's not pretty.

Managed to drive the short way home -- it's my accelorating and breaking foot -- without incident and then had to face the three flights of stairs. I grabbed only my cell phone and wallet... dbf is coming over after work to lug all my crap upstairs for me.

it took me about half an hour and lots of tears to get up those stairs. Ouch! but i made it, heated up lunch real quick so i could take the much needed cataflam, called my mom to let her know my latest medical drama (she's sending dad over with dinner later on -- did I say last post that she's THE BOMB!) and called my walking buddy to let her know that it's gonna be a while.

So clearly there was pain.... this was no joke.... but a lot of the tears shed today were just pity tears. Here I am, fully geared up and committed to starting this pre-op programme and BAM! no exercise for me for a while. Guess it just means I really have to buckle down and follow the prescribed eating plan and thank goodness that historically although exercise is good for me, hasn't really contributed to weight loss.

And I guess I was feeling sorry for myself because it's not looking likely that I'm going to be able to go to my good friend's 40th on satuday. it's a beach party that's starting at 2pm and going on until the last stragglers leave the next morning. I had planned on going for the earlier part of the day and spending as much time as possible in the ocean to avoid all the non-plan friendly foods, sodas and liquor that will be there.... now that the ocean part is not an option, i don't know that I want to tempt myself with the food and drink.

What do you guys think?

Ok... thanks for letting me rant.


Sarah said...

Sorry about your ankle, try not to let it get you too down it will heal and you'll be back on track in no time. Go to the party! Park yourself in a beach chair, take a cooler of plan friendly foods and have fun!


Jenny said...

I'm sorry about your ankle. If you can make it to the party I would go. Try to be easy on it so you don't hinder the healing process.

-Grace- said...

I'm sorry. This is a major bummer, but it's not the end of the journey--just the beginning, in fact! I think you should go to the party, but perhaps eat your prescribed meal beforehand and maybe even bring some healthy snacks to help you stick to your plan?

I hope you heal quickly! It sounds painful.

Cindylew said...

Sorry about your fall...hope you're feeling better soon.
Try and go to the party...if you seclude yourself you'll likely not be able to stop thinking about what you're missing.
Good luck! It'll all be fine.

Island Bandit said...

Ya know Susan, you're right. Guess I need to start figuring out the best way to approach these social outings while doing what's right for me. It's so hot here right now that i'm not sure i could stand the torture of sitting in the sun and not being able to cool off in the ocean..... So perhaps I'll go closer to sun down. Thanks for the well wishes and support!

Island Bandit said...

started that post and didn't refresh my page. Thanks too to Jenny, Grace and CindyLew!

Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle. I am a multiple ankle sprainer, so I can relate. Just take it wasy and you will be back to normal and moving around before you know it!!Don't give up! :)

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Oh I would have cried too :( Go to the party and enjoy yourself!

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

That sucks! I'm sure you spent enough time and energy being upset and feeling sorry today. Tomorrow is a new day. Do what you physically can but don't kill yourself. Injuries suck and with time you will get better and of course, YOU WILL SURVIVE! Sounds like you have awesome family, that's great!!!