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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Appointment with the Surgeon

I called the patient advocate for the lapband programme today because she had told me that after my 4th week working with the nutritionist and personal training team she'd make the appointment with the psychologist and then the doc who does all the tests to make sure i'm healthy enough to go through with surgery... and THEN I'd finally meet the surgeon.

Well when I called she said she'd slot me in for an appt at 5 on Thursday. I asked who that was with and she said with Doc Diggiss. Cool! I'm eager to talk with him, ask him lots of questions and get an idea of when he might schedule me for surgery.

Had another torture training session this evening. it was really good, though i feel somehow i need to let her know she can push me a bit harder. though maybe i don't need to feel like a cripple when i get done with an hour long session!

tomorrow after work i have a follow up appt with the nutritionist so essentially this week has been given over to the lapband programme :)

I'm building a house (will post pics at some point) and have my condo on the market. the really sluggish market where no one's buying.. yeah, that one. haven't had anyone view it in a few months and starting to get a bit worried. but today my realtor called to ask if they could show it tomorrow afternoon. Absolutely! so please keep fingers crossed that i'll soon be homeless (house not going to be complete until end of year at earliest!

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amandakiska said...

Things are moving along!

I'm sending happy "buy me" vibes to your condo!