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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm an excellent candidate

I had my one and only appointment with the lapband programme psychotherapist this evening. He was really nice and we went through the weird written tests to determine depression, anxiety and stress levels and then talked through lots of other questions about relationship with food, weight history, expectations, compliance levels etc.

at the end of it all he told me he'll be submitting his report to the surgeon next week some time but said he believes i'm an excellent candidate for lapband surgery and doesn't feel like he needs to see me again to work through any potential minefields.

Yipppeeeeee.... another step closer

on another note -- this is what we're dealing with here in the bahamas tonight and tomorrow.....

the winds aren't really gusting yet and it seems the bulk of the rain is behind it..... don't expect it to be a major problem, but i am the online editor for a local newspaper and am the afternoon news person on our radio stations so at times like these, it's balls to the wall baby.... trying now to keep my eyes open so i can get the midnight update from the Met Office and write a new story to throw up on the website....

and what really sucks is i have a friend here for a conference which ended today. her flight is supposed to be leaving here at 7:15am tomorrow to Fort Lauderdale. Somehow I doubt she's going anywhere, but there's NO WAY TO CHECK at this time so we have to trudge (weather permitting) out to the airport tomorrow at 5am just in case.

On a really positive note... I hopped on my scale TONIGHT and it said 138.2!! Closing in on 25lbs down since starting the 12 week programme. the goal is to lose 10% body weight before you go into surgery. That's 26lbs for me and it's only halfway through the programme.

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ChristineKingery said...

1.) Congrats on getting unofficial, pre-approval for surgery! You are certainly one major step closer to getting it done. Would you have it done there on the island, or would you go to the USA or Mexico for the surgery? Have you looked into the surgeon's success rate for the surgery?

2.) Dude you live in the Bahamas? Totally f-ing awesome, man. Do you like living on an island, or does it sometimes feel..confining? Do you do lots of outdoors activities to take advantage of your weather and scenery? Where does someone like YOU go on vacation? LOL! :-)

3.) We do similar things for a living, I think! You're an online editor, eh? I am a communications specialist, and one part of my job is updating our organization's website with news and whatnot. Similar stuff. Much different climate though.

I hope you have a great weekend!