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Friday, July 16, 2010

Smooth Move......

..... at least I hope so. Everyone send positive vibes that my bowels stop being such slow learners and that this Smooth Move tea does the trick.

For three days now I've had an overabundance of fibre per nutritionist's instructions. problem is, i can feel things building up, but the bowels haven't really kicked into gear. Holy bloated and stuffed batman!

So I spoke to Dr Patti when I was at my afternoon torture training session about it and she went into her nutrition shop and came out with a box of Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move herbal stimulant laxative.

Am just finishing up the first mug of it and it's not bad. quite sweet actually so no need to add in sugar.

I'm supposed to have another mug tomorrow night before bed and give her a call on Monday to let her know my progress. Ugh!

I also told her and Tamaz (my trainer) that we need to kick into abs overdrive. I'm determined to do everything I can to prevent the need for a tummy tuck when i've lost all my weight. Dr D thinks after examining me yesterday that i may need one. Fingers crossed I can tone enough to avoid it.

Was telling mom all about the process as he outlined it and she said 'well, you'll have to move in here for a bit after surery.' was HOPING she'd say that My mom is THE BEST when you're sick nurse ever. She's already planning on going to the nutritionist to work on some issues and plans to do it before my surgery so she can get a better understanding of what i'll need.... trust me... she'll start whipping up homemade broths and soups in advance prep. love her!

ok..... positive vibes to my bowels lovely people.


ChristineKingery said...

Have you tried sundried tomatoes, prunes (or prune juice), or peppermint tea? Those also have laxative effects, just in case the smooth move doesn't work.

(Smooth move has Senna, which will make you poop yes, but will also make you cramp up and, eventually, rely on more senna to keep you regular. So be weary!)


Maria said...

Have you tried MiraLax? I swear by that stuff. I usually only need one does and things are back to normal for a while.

I stayed with my mom for a week after surgery -- it was great! Yay for moms!

Island Bandit said...

Thanks for the feedback ladies.

@Christine - all great ideas which I will give a try. Luckily my bowels don't appear to be quite as slow learners as I'd feared and I drank Smooth Move three nights and stopped, but the pooping hasn't.

@Maria - over the counter stuff would have been my absolute last resort if my nutritionist hadn't come up with a solution.... but in my case, it's not about getting back to normal - my normal has always been poop every 4 days or so.... we're having to retrain (or train, actually) my digestive system and bowels to get more of the daily action that should be my normal!

I've honestly never talked about my bowel movements so often or with so many different people before in my life!!!