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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I have a date.... well kinda....

Met with the surgeon for the first time this afternoon. He's really impressed with my work so far on the nutrition and fitness programme - down 19.5lbs in about 4 weeks according to his office scales. i'll take that!

I have an appointment with him again at the end of August and that's when he'll have all the information he needs to send to the insurance company and that's when we start to 'badger the hell out of them' - his works, not mine.

We haven't set an exact surgery date yet, but he said we're looking at mid September.

I went armed with a list of questions and he answered all of them to satisfaction. Yes he will relocate the port if it becomes too noticeable at goal. 2.5 weeks recovery time. hospital overnight is kinda optional. he uses the 10cc band. first fill 4-6 weeks after surgery depending on weight loss. most patients so far go about 3 month between fills!. 8 patients so far, only one he considers a failure - the only man.... he isn't doing his part.

he took a look at my tummy and said there's a chance a tummy tuck will be necessary and he does those. he leaves the bat wings to the plastic surgeon.

found out today that i'm the first lapband patient they've sent to Dr Patti and I was telling him how wonderful she and her team are.

Oh. I have the appt with the psychologist next friday. the week after that i'll have all the tests done to make sure i can handle surgery.

i suppose next week when i meet with Dr Patti she'll start cutting back a bit on portion size and implementing a day a week of liquids to prep me for surgery.

Dr D (surgeon) says I should be aiming for 160-165 (which is where i'd guessed my goal would be) and so that's about 80lbs from today. hoping i can knock off at least 10 more before surgery. i think if i keep following dr patti's plan and getting my exercise in that in 2-2 1/2 months i should be able to do it.

now it's starting to feel real!

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