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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Working Out and Birthday Cake

Cindylew - you're such a great cheerleader! thanks for the continuing support
 Jenny  - you're so right about not beating myself up over food. I think it was just frustration that i clearly am not in control. but then, that's why i'm getting the band.

So yesterday I had my first personal training session. Me. the trainer. the gym. The guy I worked with yesterday, Terrell (sp?) is also a trained physiotherapist too, which is great. I really and truly feel like i'm in great hands with this nutrition and fitness team.

The workout was good. I felt alive afterwards. Haven't worked out like that in YEARS. Today I'm a bit sore, but i followed his instructions to drink LOTS of water last night and again today and to stretch, stretch, stretch.

From my training session i had to dash home, shower and get dressed to get to my mom's for a surprise bday get together i'd organised. it was great fun and the cake was a smashing success. An old school mate of mine and her hubby have opened a bakery and they make amazing cake creations. i ordered their orchid cake for mom. the orchid is a live plant that she got to keep.

my niece Isabel declared 'i never saw a flower cake before' and then was on deck to help blow out the candles.
Apparently it tasted as good as it looked. i wouldn't know. i was in such a mad dash to get there that i grabbed my grilled fish and half baked potato to heat up there. and while everyone else was devouring cake and ice cream and all the nibbly things i took along, i ate my dinner. there was no resentment that i 'couldn't' have the cake and ice cream because i truly didn't want it. i know i could have had a little bit if i wanted it. that felt good.

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Catherine55 said...

Good for you! That is great -- and it's good too that you know that you always can have some dessert if you want it. The best thing about being banded is being able to have a bit of anything you like without having to feel bad about it later. :) Gorgeous cake, BTW!