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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Bahamas

Here in The Bahamas we're celebrating 37 years of independence (from Britain) today. Monday is a public holiday since it fell on a Saturday. Yay!

Been doing quite well with eating right and exercising. Have now had 2 sessions with personal trainers - all part of my pre-band programme. They really are fun to work with. they push me hard, but i know it's all good and at the end I feel so alive.

One of the few friends i've told about my band plan is turning out to be a tremendous support. she wants to lose a few pounds herself so is more than ready and willing to come walking with me or do some sort of healthy food option.

Last night we went out to my construction site - i'm building a house - and walked around the gated community. i commented as we were walking that when i move out there (possibly end of this year, if not, early next year) i'll have no excuse for not exercising. it's quiet since not a lot of homes have been built and safe because it's closed to public traffic.

after that we called in for sushi take out and ordered two 'clean' rolls. nothing fried, no sauces. just fish, rice and seaweed. YUM! I'm really hoping my band will let me tackle sushi from time to time because i so love it.

this morning my mother and i did the grocery adventure. i took her out to a wholesale type place i'd been to a few times. got lots of healthy foods.

i had a great food related nsv too. i bought a pack of fruit pastilles -

sweet gummy candies for those not familiar with them. haven't seen them in ages and so decided i could treat myself. when i got home, i had my lunch and then opened the pack. i had three of them. and then put the pack down. i was good with three. may not seem like much, but as i did this i realised that in the past i'd have bought 2 packs at least and scarfed them all down until i felt sick. maybe i am changing the way i handle food. one fruit pastille at a time.

am baking bahamian flag coloured cupcakes to take to a friend's tonight. will post a pic when they're done.

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Lap Band Gal said...

Can't wait to see the pics of the cupcakes! yumm!