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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The fibre motherlode

So..... just got back from another followup with my nutritionist. not thrilled that their scales showed me at 144 which is just over a 2lb loss in 2 weeks.... not thrilled because this morning i was showing 140lbs on my home scale which isn't that off theirs.

but then i consoled myself with the fact that last time i weighed in there it was in the morning. today was at 6pm after lots of water and 2 meals. i easily fluctuate up to 4lbs in a day.

which leads me to my subject in my title. Fibre. That's this week's task - to increase my fibre intake. So that I can poop daily. Before I started the nutrition programme, I'd say I'd go every 4-5 days.... was shocked when the nutritionist told me I should be going daily!?!?! I've never done that!!! Anyway, the last two weeks I had to track my bowel movements (noted with a BM in my food journal) and it's been roughly every other day, but one stretch of 4 days. hence the need for fibre!

i was under the impression that the veggies i was eating were high in fibre. not so much. so now she wants me to start incorporating high fibre cereal into my diet about 3-4 times a week. and i need to start eating more beans.

once i was done with that appointment i headed straight to the grocery store and the cereals aisle. I read the sides of so many boxes.... and then i hit the motherlode - Kashi Vive Probiotic Digestive Wellness Cereal.
170 calories; 12 grams fibre; 4 grams protein in A CUP AND A HALF!

Best of all. I just had a handful and it really tastes great. toasted graham and vanilla flavour. Yummo.

Also found a few other high fibre goodies. tonight it will be a cup of Heinz vegetarian baked beans with 2 slices of turkey bacon – 10g fibre and 16g protein. Oh and a salad to finish it up. I've been told I MUST increase my veggie intake. so much to keep track of!!!

As I said in an earlier post I meet with the surgeon tomorrow so the nutritionist wants to see me again in a week so we can start tweaking my programme to get ready for surgery. this will entail cutting back on my already small portions and working in some liquids only days. aye aye aye!

Oh.. and I forgot to post this -- the Happy Birthday Bahamas Cupcakes - Forgot to take a pic of the inside, but the cake itself was a swirl of these colours too.

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