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Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Toys

1st things first. not only did a friend and i spend our friday evening going for a nice 8pm 45 min power walk last night, but i once again got up and went to the pool to do laps.

Looking back over my food journal for the past almost 3 weeks, i realised i've been doing a lot of sauteeing/frying. not a lot of oil - I use a bit of olive oil or spray stuff but i have always wanted and for some reason never got, a ridged grill pan.

today i picked up this one. I was torn between this and a large square cast iron one, but in the end went with the Ra_cha_el_R_ay one.

then i really went for broke (literally) and invested in another kitchen gadget that i've had my eye on for quite some time. A countertop baker/broiler/convection/rotisserie oven. My mom has one and I love using it. I hate having to turn on my big oven just to cook a baked potato or bake an egg or broil a piece of fish. not to mention the amount of heat that generates in my condo - this is the bahamas in summertime after all.

i think both these purchases will help in my ongoing efforts to cook healthier. haven't decided, but thinking i might just go whole hog and rotisserie a cornish game hen tonight. that with an ear of corn and some salad sounds perfect.

i can cook and eat while taking a break from the kitchen sort out and cleanup that's going on all afternoon. ugh!


Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Awesome! It's fun to buy new stuff for our new "healthier" lives b/c those are purchases made towards our future! I love that pan, btw. I might need one! ;)

bubblejoi said...

Where did you buy the broiler gadget?