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Monday, July 5, 2010

Confessional and High Fives

Well I've been doing really well following my eating plan. until yesterday. 4th of July beach party (we're not American but any excuse for a party will do). The friend who planned it is the only know in that crew who knows about my band plan and so suggested a 'bring your own meat' bbq. I took my 4oz piece of grouper (two actually, so I'd have one grilled to just heat up for dinner tonight. I completely avoided all the chips and dips and other nibbly things. When my fish was cooked I also had a 1/4 cup of the corn and kidney bean salad and about a half cup of the beets (people brought sides to share. i took my 4th of july cupcakes.) And a 1/4 cup of this conch stuffing someone had made. OMG it was good. I ate my food and headed to the ocean to get away from the smorgasbord.
Why when I got back upstairs a few hours later did i eat another half cup or so of the stuffing and an italian sausage??!?! I really wasn't hungry, but I wanted it.
I admitted my failings to Dr Patti when I went for my fitness evaluation today. She was so awesome. Told me that that's what any normal person would do - 'hmmm... that tasted really good.... i think i'll have some more.' And commended me on not diving into the chips and dips and cupcakes and other junk that was on offer. in fact she said the fact that i'm so much more aware of what i'm eating vs what i would have eaten before i started this is proof that i'm changing my mindset! Here i'd been beating myself up about it.

Fitness evaluation was this morning and i surprised myself with some aspects of it and was disgraced with others. my cardio test was really good. managed 13 minutes of the 15 minute test - the same thing they do for the EKG. In truth i probably could have soldiered on for the final 2 minutes.
I have great lower body strength, but can't yet stretch my quads unaided.
I have terrific flexibility when it comes to touching my toes. (told Dr Patti I could reach a heck of a lot further if i didn't have a belly in the way!)
I have terrible core strength - managed some curl ups, but nothing to write home about
I have no upper body strength - 3 measly pushups.

I think one of the reasons i so enjoy working with Dr Patti is her high fives. Not only does she say 'great job' but she gives high fives freely and they are awesome. never realised how awesome they are!

she took my measurements today..... i didn't write them down so can't share, but they were pretty horrific. can't wait till those number start shifting downwards!

oh... and on the scale front. i lost .75lbs this week. had a terrible week with TOM and started exercising this past week so I know both of those things can impact weight loss. she told me not to even think about the number on the scale and just continue to focus on doing what i need to do. so that's what i'm gonna do!


Cindylew said...

Here's another high five coming your way girlfriend.

Jenny said...

Don't ever beat yourself up over food! Whats done is done, the next meal is always a chance to turn it around.

You are doing great!!