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Thursday, July 22, 2010

But I liked carbs.....

Since we now have a rough idea of when surgery will be (mid to late September), Dr Patti did some serious tweaking to my eating plan.

Breakfast every other day is a drink made of this highly condensed fruit and veggie powder. You just mix a scoop in with water. It tastes sort of like an earthy just slightly sweet herbal tea.... not awful, but takes a bit of getting used to. I also get a piece of fruit and one of these super high protein bars.... had the chocolate macadamia nut one this morning, but not a huge fan of dark chocolate so not much enjoyment in it.... On alternate days I do 4oz protein, fruit and a drink made of this fibre powder..... not looking forward to that one!

Lunch is 4oz protein (no red meat or cheese), veggies and 1/2 cup of my limited selection of carbs -- cooked beans, lentils, carrots, sweet peas, pumpkin, cassava or yams..... Good LORD

Before I exercice in the afternoon I need to eat a piece of fruit and during or after exercise I have to mix a packet of To Go energy powder into my water to help with recovery.

Dinner is 4 oz protein (again, no red meat or cheese) and veggies... no carbs.

Crazy part is, after 2 weeks of this, she eliminates all carbs.. and i think 2-4 weeks after that we move on to a primarily liquids diet for a month..... at the end of all this i'm hoping the band won't have all that much to do!

Good news is bowels seem to have settled into they new (more acceptable) routine!

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